Position Title Plantilla Item No. Salary Grade Monthly Salary Qualification Standard
Education Training Experience Eligibility
Engineer IV  ENG4-146-98 22 P68.415.00  Bachelor's degree in Engineering relevant to the job   16 hours of relevant training 3 years of relevant experience  RA1080
Administrative Aide VI (Electrician II)  ADA6-293-2005 6 P16.200.00 High School Graduate or Completion of relevant vocational/trade course None required None required Electrician (MC No. 10.S 2013- Cat. II)
Administrative Aide IV (Reproduction Machine Operator II)  ADA4-198-2005 4 P14.400.00    Elementary School Graduate None required None required None required
Administrative Aide IV (Clerk II)  ADA4-200-2005 4 P14.400.00 Completion of two years studies in College None required  None required  Career Service (Sub professional) / First Level Eligibility


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